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The descriptions below are examples of how each of these areas of law may come into play in your life. Our services are not limited by these examples.

Adoption: We will be very happy to assist you in your adoption either as a private adoption or through the State of Texas Foster/Adopt program with the Department of Children and Family Services.

Child Custody: Child possession is one of the most tender areas of family law.  The Texas Family Code guides the legal community to work toward the Best Interest of the Child.  This firm follows that guidance.  In families with children, the child's welfare will always be central. 

Child Support: We are happy to help you with changes to child support payments, or assist with enforcement of child support orders that are in place.  Regardless of whether you are the obligor/payor, or the obligee/payee, we can help. Be advised that minimum standards for child support are set by statute in the State of Texas, beginning at 20% of the obligor's income, for the first child.

Divorce: Divorce is never easy. That being said, we will assist you in making your divorce as dignified as possible.  We encourage counseling, agreements between the spouses, as much as possible, and mediation.  These three options can lower your stress as well as save you money. 

Pre-marital Agreements: also known as pre-nuptial agreements.  If you have children from a prior relationship and want to preserve assets for them as you are going into marriage, we can assist you in drafting your agreement.

Guardianship: At times we need to provide for a loved one who is no longer capable of properly caring for themselves. We provide counsel for both proceedings petitioning guardianship of the person, and of the estate.

Juvenile and Misdemeanor crimes: Children and Teens under the age of 18 may have need of a defense attorney from time to time...call us! Ms. Wiley has over 20 years of experience working with teenagers and their families.

Mediation: Ms. Wiley is a trained mediator, and believes in the value of mediation for the individuals participating.  Mediation gives disagreeing  parties the opportunity to have their needs and desires heard, to be creative in coming to a solution, and to have ownership in the outcome. Many Family Courts in the area require mediation before trial.  Some Civil Court Justices also encourage mediation.

Powers of Attorney: Both medical, and general durable forms of Powers of Attorney are available.

Termination of Parental Rights:  If you are giving a child up for adoption, you will need to voluntarily terminate your parental rights          or            If you have questions about parental rights due to involvement with Texas Department of Children and Family Services, we are happy to help.

Traffic crimes: You got a ticket and you are concerned that your auto insurance will go up?  We may be able to request deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication allows a period of traffic probation; if you can get through the probationary time with no ticket, the ticket may be removed from your record. 

Probate including Drafting Wills and Heirship Determination proceedings: There are so many reasons to have a will! No matter how small your estate is, a will allows you to decide where your personal property goes upon your death.  For instance, if you have raised your step-child from infancy, and consider this child your own, but never legally adopt, that stepchild cannot inherit without statement of gift in a written will.    

Determination of Heirship and Administration: If your parent has died without a will (intestate) and you are an heir needing to set up Administration of the estate, call us! We can help!

The Wiley Law Firm serves the Fort Worth and Dallas Metroplex area, as well as Denton, Wise, Parker, Johnson and several outlying Counties.

PLEASE BE ADVISED!   Any and all information contained on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Seek competent legal advice for assistance on any legal matter. Thank you.